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Lovett VB SC '12 button 1
Lovett VB SC '12 button 3
Lovett VB SC '12 button 4
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Lovett VB SC '12 button 4
Lovett VB SC '12 button 5
Lovett VB SC '12 button 6
Lovett VB SC '12 button 7
Lovett VB SC '12 button 8
button (packages)
large multiple button pkgs
large multiple t-shirt discount packages
t-shirt (packages)
greeting card (packages)
postcard (packages)
Buy three, get one free;
buy nine, get three free,
and so on
Order packages of 500 buttons or larger and pay NO SALES TAX!!!!
Promote a business or event, make a statement &/or put your favorite photo(s) on a button, t-shirt &/or greeting/postcards!  When making purchases please send a very detailed corresponding e-mail to of what you want, whether you are ordering a 12-pack of Lovett VB SC '12 buttons and you want 1 each of buttons 1-4 and 2 each of buttons 5-8, or custom item(s) with scanned image link(s) and/or desired text as applicable.

Like to avoid both sales tax AND shipping & handling fees?  Pay cash or money order to a representative, or ask via e-mail where you can 'snail-mail' your money order (and picture[s] and/or text for custom if not already e-mailed) in addition to specifying desired product(s).
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1 day to 1 week fulfillment on MOST orders